off-page seo


Off-page SEO techniques are the methods to expand the brand visibility outside of a blog or website. There is no fixed method for it but comprises a combination of social media campaigns, link building exercises, publishing high quality useful content, guest blogging, PR activities, seminars and others.
You can build your own off-page SEO strategy using a combination of methods which fits your style, schedule and resources in order to achieve the desired off-page SEO objectives. In this article, you get 30 proven off-page SEO techniques that have worked wonders to people reaching #1 position in Google page rank.

1. Build business relations to create backlinks

Backlinks bring authority to a page and improve page rank. With improved page rank, traffic grows and more opportunity comes your way. But, getting backlinks from authority sites are difficult. The exercise is exhausting as it has its inherent uncertainty about the timing, quantity and quality of backlinks. 
The best solution is to not think in terms of creating backlinks, but to make efforts on building new business relations. This off-page SEO technique is all about investing on building new business relations and the backlinks will follow. It grows your business network, collaboration, bring synergy with related business and help expand your reach online and offline.
There are many other ways to create backlinks but this method is organic and long lasting.

2. Improve on social media shares and engagements

Social media platforms are the new generation media where people participate with enthusiasm. The combined visitors on social media outnumber the combined visitors on search engines across the world. Access to social media is free and you can share your blog posts or articles to reach out billions of readers.
There are many categories of social media platforms each of which are fit for different purposes. Some social media sites are good for sharing emotions and day to day activities, some are good for pictures sharing, some are good for bloggers, some are hangout sites where people express themselves freely, some are for business promotions, some are suited for job finding and hiring and some are for media creation.
You must have an explicit social media strategy for facebook, twitter, instagram, tumbler, linked-in etc. If you still do not have a social strategy build your social media strategy now.
The social media space is very large and Google had publicly announced that social signal is a ranking factor. Optimize web pages for social share, likes and engagements. Automate social share on your web pages. Social media optimization (SMO) will help increase your influence and increase sales of your products and services.
Although most of social media sites only allow no-follow links but they are helpful as they help in building your brand and bring tons of traffic to your site.
I would advise all bloggers and content writers to share their posts and articles on all social media platforms. While sharing they may choose to re-purpose content.

3. Issue press release on events

If you are running a company, NGO, trust or other organizations, you can issue press release on the important events, meets, seminars, webinars, conferences etc. There are free press release sites on internet. You can register there and regularly submit your press release. New sites and channels are now a day’s running its services 24 X 7. They need new information and media content to fill their time schedules. They will find you and publish your content with original link on their websites.

4. Use email campaign to reach out regularly

This is the best tool for a controlled marketing strategy. Today, an effective email campaign are easy to launch and monitor. When you write a great piece of article, you must share it to your closed community via email campaign. With increasing integration of governance on internet, more and more people open and check their email account every day. This is a great opportunity to send weekly or quarterly email newsletter to them. Keep increasing your email subscription list and email your subscriber regularly.
In email newsletters, you can request them to link back to your site or for an article
Great articles hold your return visitors. In the email footer, you can ask them to request more people to visit your site or forwarding this email to their friends. Or alternatively ask them to follow you on twitter or facebook. Use your email campaign to increase the footfall on your landing pages.

5. Do guest blogging

Guest blogging is writing for other bloggers who command tons of traffic belonging to your niche. Don’t miss the opportunity of writing a guest post on high DA sites. It will not only bring huge traffic to your site but also increase your domain authority.
Since you have the inherent skills to write quality content you can utilize this skill to write for good blogging sites. Some of them might decline your request but is still worth trying.
Some bloggers allow guest blogging but they are very clear that you will not be able to post any backlinks except for in your bio. Still, this is a good option as your brand gets a mention in front of lots of new visitors and they might search for your content. Even Google admitted that such un-linked mentions are also a ranking factor and they call it implied link.

6. Use question answer sites – Quora

There are sites where you can solve user’s problem through your answers. Quora is one such platform. Quora checks your answers for not using it as your marketing tool. They remove your answers if you do it repeatedly and sometime they might block you. But if you answer a lot of questions and promote yourself seldom, they do allow it. While doing so, it is advisable to write a disclaimer after your answer.

7. Reach out to influencers in your niche domain

There are many public figures, stalwarts and influencers in every niche doing great work and enjoy tremendous connect with the audience you are looking for. You can reach out to them, show your work and ask them for consideration. Direct way of reaching may not work. In that case, try to make a connect with actively commenting on their posts, asking questions and building a kind a rapport before you pitch for some favors.

8. List on directory services

The internet is filled with directory listing services for websites, blogs, images, videos, podcasts etc. There are many aggregators as well. You can use their platforms to attract new traffic. The idea here is that – distribute your blog to all possible opportunities and leave no stone un-turned. All such opportunities expose your posts to new readers. You can submit your blogs to different search engines viz. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc.

9. Use blog and forum Commenting

This is one of the easiest ways to acquire back links. Here, you have to be little cautious. Backlinks from the sites with low DA and spammy sites may hurt your page rank and you may lose traffic. Always do meaningful comment on the blogs in your own niche and try to choose the sites which have high domain authority.

10. Write on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a site searched everyday by millions of users and usually they contain authentic information. People trust Wikipedia articles. They allow every publisher to write about their work. As a blogger, you shall also write about your organization, work and the contributions. You can also write Wikipedia articles on any topic you think you can contribute along with the links of your blog. Although your submission will be vetted by the moderators and when cleared you create a high value back link for you.

11. Print media advertising

Advertising at first instance, seems to indicate a means to draw traffic only. But, print media advertising also bring social media followers, new visitors and backlinks to websites. This also brings new searches and increase CTR (click through rates) which is a ranking signal to search engines. It also helps in brand building exercise. This is a form of media which stays for relatively longer period of time with people as opposed to online advertising.

12. Do Competitors research

In SEO, you may not believe but the high intensity struggle goes for high traffic keywords. This is the reason it is difficult to rank for high value keywords. You can keep ahead of your competitor if you have data about them. There are free and paid versions of tools for discovering the backlinks acquired by your competitors. The most popular among them are Ahref and SEMRush. These are paid tools but produce more accurate and reliable results. The free tools include Ubersuggest and Small SEO Tools.
Once you have decided on article keywords, you can use these tools to find out what length of articles you shall write, how many backlinks you will need and social media engagements. You calculate the marketing efforts required to bring your page to SERP Page #1.

13. Configure Google for business

Google business is a free tool provided by Google. By having an account on Google business, you can set your business location on Google Map, add opening and closing time of your business operations, write reviews etc. People nearby you can locate your office and contact numbers and call you for your services.

14. Create a video channel

People love watching videos and learning from videos. Youtube, Vimeo and many such platforms are popular video platforms where you can create channel and upload your videos. Video generally enjoy large viewership. The videos may range from tutorials, product demonstrations, entertainment, fun or advertisements. You can sell products and promote your blogs using videos. These videos can be embedded into your blog also.
Youtube video has a subscriber link below the videos which can follow your blog links, product page or application links allowing people to take discreet actions.

15. Create your image library

People can arrive at your site or articles via images as well. Google has an image search facility. Build original images footer your articles and name them accordingly with an appropriate alt tag attribute. Google will display your images to people who are searching for certain types of images.
Alternatively you can create your image library on flickr and instagram. These are sites with millions of subscribers and visitor. They regularly search for images and you can server them with images on your blog. So, you get a back link.

16. Add infographics on image submission sites

Infographics are summarized information creatively crafted by blogger or graphic designers to express a detailed idea and give insights in from of an image. Creating such infographic image is a tough and time consuming task. This is a digital asset (a kind of pictograph) created after detailed research on a specific topic. These assets are very popular among people who like to share information rich images. Since, this asset is in the form of image, this can easily be shared on social platforms by any one. Ease of sharing also makes it popular. This asset is also embeddable. Other bloggers can embed this asset into their blogs (eventually creating back link for you) and clicking on which people reach your site.

17. Write product reviews

 Product reviews is a report / remarks given by users to help purchasing decisions. This is accompanied by pictures, videos and referral links. You can write product reviews on the review sites. Here you can also put more information link that points to a topic you have mentioned in one of your blogs. People reading reviews on these products and looking for more information about underlying fine details can land up to your page. This product review is far more important for affiliate marketing programs.

18. Share your presentation and documents

Your documents and presentations can easily be shared through sites like Slide Share. These sites attract millions of traffic and your work can be shared across easily. You can transform your blog into slides and upload the presentation on slideshare. The presentation can have links to your resources. The share will increase your audience Diaspora and create backlinks as well. This is a great source of referral traffic.

19. Write an e-book

Writing an e-book is not a quick way to attract traffic and improve your page rank. This is a very good option for quality bloggers and writers. You can write book on a subject and can promote from your website. you may consider to offer some books for free where you have many advertisements and back links to your blog pages.

20. Arrange a webinar to promote

Webinar is an online scheduled conference intended for internet audience only. With webinar, you not just connect with your audience on your blog topics but at the end of it you also generate great content for online distribution. At the end of webinar session, you will have recorded video, list of attendees, their email addresses, contact numbers, chat content, Q&A and feedback. All of these outcomes are going to boost your brand. If your invite press people in your webinar, you may get news coverage, press release and RSS feed.

21. Conduct awards in your niche

Everyone wants recognition and love to showcase awards. Award nurtures startups and they got recognized. This is a great way to take leadership in your niche and recognized across easily. Once you start an award in your niche for outstanding performances and contributions, many small organizations will apply for it and your will be the pioneer to create a great ecosystem in your niche. You will have the leadership and all will connect to you. Your network and influence increase day by day. You will get recognition from media, government, private sectors and sometime even international organizations.

22. Publishing reports and Surveys

Reports and surveys attract people attention. You can do surveys on your topic and publish the finding in form of an infographics, tabular representation or in the form of graphs. There are many free and popular platforms that conduct polls and surveys over internet. Twitter also has opinion poll features for all its subscribers. Use it, collect data and come with your report. Publish that report in your blog posts and share it across the social media and hangout sites.

23. Take part in domestic and international Awards to get recognition and backlinks

You can take part in the award program in your niche and get recognized. It will allow you the access to a greater network in your niche and opportunities to work in partnerships. If you win the award, you will not just be recognized, but also will be mentioned in their publications, online references and get backlinks on their official websites and free access to their network.

24. Build business relationship (Take part in seminars)

Attending in seminars is a good off-page exercise to create new relations and expand on existing connection with your niche. This activity keeps you up to date with your industry activities. You will also generate opportunity for new business and more insights from experts and insiders. You can ask your questions and advice from panelists and discuss it with audiences which are mostly from your niche. This way you will be able your social profile and well connected. You will get to what others are doing and how they see the industry expanding in foreseeable future.

25. Blog directory submissions

You can submit your blog to popular blog submission directories so that readers and bloggers can find your blog. You may be writing in a niche which is not very popular. In that case, it is even more important to be registered with these directories so that you are easily found by readers. These directories maintain good email list and they pick blogs for specific category users. Your blogs can be picked and relayed to readers interested in information you provide.

26. Article Submissions

Article submission can bring quality back links and natural traffic to your website. There are many of article submission sites viz. Sooperarticles. While submitting article with third party website, make sure that website is in your niche and industry. The most important part is to double check the quality of content as you may not get the chance to edit it which you can always do on your own site.

27. Image Submission

Share your images on popular image submission websites. Before submitting your images please optimize them with appropriate title and URL so that the image search leads to your website.

28. Form a partnership and joint ventures

Collaborate and forge alliance with related business of your niche. You can also assist other businesses free of cost in exchange of backlinks. I have been a technology partner for companies and I only insist on creating a back link on their official website and that too as a technology partner. It brings an entire network of my partner companies with me and I forge the same kind of relations with others.

29. Interview popular persons in your niche

Never miss an opportunity to interview popular and successful people in your niche. This is a great opportunity to draw traffic to your website. Print and promote the interview content. Share that content with the person whom you interviewed. It is likely that the content will be published on their official site and your site will get a back link and mention. The content may also b shard over social media and reaches to their personal connections.

30. Get Interviewed

If you have an access to journalist forum or a journalist friend, you can give interview on your favorite topics. The content when published will promote your brand and create a valid and quality back link to your website.